Sowing the seeds for great ideas

Global - Whatever your career or designation, your ideas on how you do your job better matters at work. Whether it is creating a new marketing strategy or designing a streamlined work process, great ideas will enable you to make valuable contributions to your company.

However, the problem is that we cannot produce as many great ideas as we would like. But what are some tips that could help you generate fresh ideas ?

1. Carve out time to think
Great ideas are not born when you are bogged down by day-to-day tasks such as clearing your emails and other administrative work. You would first need to set aside time and a space away from your everyday work for new ideas to flow. Whether it is sitting outside on a bench or in a cafe, any change in environment will also help stimulate your creativity.
2. Better a half-baked idea than none
Not all ideas emerge fully formed. Instead of tweaking the idea in your head until you are satisfied with it, write or draw what you are thinking. By seeing it on paper, you can then start writing down all your other possibilities that come into your mind as well. The trick is not to censor yourself but to pen down even the worst ideas that come into your head. 

3. Talk about it
Don’t just let your ideas stew in your own head. Why not talk about it with other like-minded people? Through brainstorming and discussions, your friends, colleagues or peers might be able to come up with new ideas that you would never been able to think of on your own.

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