Siemens on search for bright young engineers

Singapore - Are you a bright young engineer looking for a career at a leading green infrastructure company? Then you might just be one of the 15 young recruits Siemens is looking for.

The company recently announced an 18-month Southeast Asia programme aimed at recruiting the next generation of engineers. Starting from March 2011, young recruits would be offered three different on-the-job assignments spanning the Energy, Industry and Healthcare sectors. They will also be given networking opportunities and hands-on experiences at Siemens’ offices in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.  
According to Lothar Herrmann, CEO of Siemens’s ASEAN cluster, the company’s engineers are tasked with developing solutions for the world’s most pressing issues in order to create a more sustainable future. He said, “To find these answers, we need people who are bright, inquisitive, creative, and committed to tackling the challenges of our time and beyond.”

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