Making a lousy work day better

Global - There are  just those days when everything in the office just seems to go wrong. Whether it is a client who rejected your proposal or a meeting that ended off on a wrong note, lousy work days are inevitable in any executive’s career.

But other than wallow in misery, here are some tips to cope with a lousy work day.

Exercise: Sweating it out on a treadmill will get endorphins surging through your body, making you feel a lot better almost immediately.

See things from a fresh perspective: While you may feel dejected over a work issue now, look at it from a long-term perspective instead. Will this really matter in a month, a year? Or even in five years?

Pen it down: If it is a work mistake you’re wallowing over, you could spend some time reflecting on how you could have approached the situation differently. By reflecting on your mistakes, you will actually learn from this experience and emerge as a better employee in the future.

Look on the bright side: As badly as the day might have been, it is always good to remind yourself that the day could have gone a lot worse. So why not be grateful for the things that went well instead?

Distract yourself: And if all else fails, distract yourself with a good conversation with loved ones, a funny movie or anything that takes you away from the source of your misery.

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