Is work making you fat?

Is work making you fat?

US - Gaining weight at work? A survey by claimss that 44% of  U.S. workers' are piling on the pounds, citing a combination of stress and unhealthy eating habits.

Approximately 4,800 Americans, at least 18 years old and employed in a non-government job, were polled online between February 10 to March 2.

Unsurprisingly, 49% of those polled said that the weight gain was predominantly due to inactivity from sitting at their desks all day. Other common reasons were eating out frequently, snacking unhealthily during the day, and indulging in workplace celebrations.

CareerBuilder suggests packing in a healthy lunch to work, starting exercising programmes with colleagues and setting proper eating schedules so that snacking doesn't happen too often throughout the day.

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