Time Management for the Working Moms and Dads

by Christine C. Bitoon

Time management has always been a challenge for a lot of people, especially for parents. And it seems that every parent has the same story about having a hard time maximizing their time, whether they have a director job or a manager job. They have their hands full all the time, and so the rest of us who don’t have a baby forget about kids and the joy that they bring. However, if you ask any parent about the difficulties of parenting, you’ll most likely hear a single answer – that it’s all worth it.

There is no best time management style, as everybody has different schedules and work styles. However, every style of time management takes time to master and practice, so you need to give ample attention to mastering techniques. It’s a lifestyle, so they say. Here are some tips and practices that you can adopt at home to achieve more with less time:

  • Set your clocks at 10-minute allowances. Synchronize your watches, mobile phones and clocks at home at 10 minutes advanced than the actual time. Forget that you did it, so that your time at home will be based on that, giving you an extra 10 minutes for delays.
  • Prepare well the night before. Get your clothes ready; get your kids’ clothes ready. Take a bath and give your kids a bath the night before, so that when you wake up in the morning you will not rush to the bathroom and make the rest of your family wait. Breakfast should be ready the night before so that when you wake up, you’d only have to heat food in the microwave. Packed food for the office and the school should also be ready at night.
  • Minimize the night-outs; the unnecessary TV times. Because you need to achieve a lot the night before, you should not stay out so late. Make sure that by 8:00 PM, you’re already in your zone of preparing for the next day – no more TV; save that for the weekend. It takes discipline, but it will definitely make your life much easier.  
  • Turn mornings into races. Make a game! Games are fun for your kids, and can even be enjoyable for you. So in the morning, if you have a kid, race them to get dressed. If you have more than one kid, have them race each other into getting ready. This will also wake up their sleepy minds and bodies. Give a prize to the winner, such as a star or a point on a chart.
  • Stock on clothes and food in the car. In case of emergencies, you would not have any problem about going back to the house or stopping over to buy clothes. Keep a complete set of clothes for each kid. It would also help a lot if you have granola bars, juices and other snack items inside the car. This is for emergency purposes – when you all wake up late and don’t have time to sit down for a breakfast together.

Waking up and preparing for a day’s work can be more fun with cute kids who cling to you while you comb their hair or button their clothes.  

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