Cool Courses 101

Although MBA courses remain to be appealing to young professionals, their enthusiasm for life and personal growth brings forth new avenues for learning. Think you can soak in more information than you already receive on a day to day basis? Then choose one that is fun than all the others to make it stick in your mind. Of course fun is a relative word, so we leave the choosing up to you. These courses can give you manager job or director job later on. Here’s a rundown of the most interesting courses you can take.


Numismatics pertains to the study and collection of coins, medals and paper currencies. If you love collecting coins, or if you are simply interested in them, you may take up a course in numismatics and learn about coin minting and other interesting aspects of it. You will also be taught how to detect counterfeit money, and how to grade coins.

Where: The Florence Schook School of Numismatics

Career: You may practice your course by working in coin collection shops, or you may simply enjoy your expertise by randomly checking coins and evaluating their worth. Apply to the Singapore Mint and help out currency collectors and enthusiasts.


If you like horse racing and would want to build a career or a business in it, then you should take up the Race Track Industry Program. It is the only course that provides students with a strong backbone that will equip them to either become a horse breeder or trainer, or a manager of a race track.

Where: University of Arizona

Career: You may take the animal path (breeder/trainer) or the business path (management, administrative positions). You may work at the Singapore Turf Club, the only horse racing venue in Singapore. Why not start a business? After all, there’s only a handful like you who will graduate from the course. But then again, there might not be as many horse racing enthusiasts in the area.


Eno-what and what-culture? Enology is the study of wine, while viticulture is the study of cultivating grapes. So if you love wine and the sophisticated process of making it, then this program is best for you. Get exposed to the culture and acquaint yourself better to the i ne wines of the world.

Where: Cornell University

Career: Aside from being a connoisseur and an esteemed wine guy/girl, you may expose yourself to more by traveling the world for the best wines. You may delve deeper by taking a graduate course. With the expensive prices of alcohol in the country, there surely is a thriving industry where you can use your expertise well.


Finally, something that will make us experts in making decisions. Decision Sciences is a field of study that aims to help business owners and leaders to make decisions based on analyses and other factors that you will find out if you enroll in the course.

Where: Indiana University

Career: The future is bright for expert decision makers. Decision makers will thrive in business environments where
steps are dependent on factors that can be measured and analyzed. You may also of er your services on a more
personal level, such as helping out professionals in deciding on their job applications and career moves.

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