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Dear Chris,

Over the past few months I’ve read many different reports that say there are skills shortages in Singapore and employers are finding it difficult to  find skilled candidates. I am currently employed as a Marketing Manager for a FMCG company and have been with them for more than ten years. I  would now like a new challenge and I have been actively looking for senior level marketing roles but to no avail. I thought it would be easier in  the current market. So can you tell me, where are the jobs?


Dear Aileen,

Thank you for your letter and I’m sure there are many other job seekers who are also wondering where the jobs are. We are certainly  experiencing skills shortages across many different sectors here in Singapore but that does not mean it’s easy for everyone to find work, especially for a director job or a manager job.

We  have just released our Quarterly Report for July to September so I can tell you the good news is that there are many firms confidently investing in  sales and marketing talent. This is happening across many industries and organisational sizes. The primary area of demand however is for  front line Sales Executives with a solid track record and good industry contacts. Employers are currently focused on sales professionals that will  have an immediate and measurable impact on the firm’s bottom line.

Within the FMCG market companies are investing heavily in their brand and product management ranks. Across the IT&T, Services, Retail,  Logistics and FMCG arena, there is a lot of movement in the sub $200,000 salary market. Hiring dynamics in this segment have been dominated by  the need to secure candidates with specific experience in an industry, product group or geographic market.

There are opportunities at the senior and executive level. The hybrid Sales Director and General Manager seems to be a favoured solution for  cost conscious organisations.

But the difficult part as you know is actually finding the jobs and before your competition. There are a number of resources available to you that  you may not have considered. For example, many opportunities become available through referrals and “word of mouth”.

You should also talk through your career goals with a Recruitment Consultant. At this stage in your career it’s certainly important to reconsider  your long term objectives.

What will I want to get out of my job in the next five years or so?
• Should I consider other industries?
• Do I need to study? If so, what for?
• What are my individual priorities?

We have experts in Sales & Marketing who know the current trends and will keep you up to date with the roles available. And the better they  understand your career objectives the more likely they are to be able to help you achieve them. Just keep them informed as to which jobs appeal  and which do not.

Good luck with your search and please do contact us if you need further advice. You can also view the full quarterly report at

Chris Mead
General Manager
HAYS Singapore

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