A VIEW FROM THE TOP | Petrus Leong, Human Capital and Development Manager, PARKROYAL on BeachRoad

by Lisa Cheong

What is one trait you look for in an interview candidate?
In the hotel sector, it is very common to hear that word, “attitude”. Yes, we place “attitude” as  the most important trait in job seekers as most jobs would involve interacting with people. The candidates we look for must be naturally friendly, talkative, cheerful and lively and, enjoy interacting with people, even in executive jobs. During interviews, this can easily spotted the minute a candidate walks into the room through traits such as: smile on the face, posture, gesture and speaking manner.

What is one way candidates can impress you during an interview?
Candidates can impress interviewers by displaying basic courtesy and friendliness with confidence in their greetings and smiles. They should show genuine interest in the job by asking  good questions and, of course, being dressed appropriately for the interview. This applies not only in jobs that require human interaction at all times, but also even in accountant jobs and administrative positions.

What is one interview blunder candidates often make during the interview process?
Most of the time, candidates are focused on just one job. This limits their chances of working in the industry. Candidates should be more open in their expectations by telling the interviewer the aspects of the job that they are interested in, such as interacting and serving people. This  ill enable the interviewer to assess which position the candidate is most suitable for. Another  blunder is to query the terms and conditions of their working schedule; some would even state  heir preferred timings outright.

What makes your company a great place to work?
Our company is continuously evolving to improve and keeping abreast with the fast changing  work and business environment. We have IT infrastructure in place to ease and facilitate  deliveries of services to our external customers as well as in work processes for our employees. We have a clear direction to work as a team and our strong emphasis on learning and  development generates great job satisfaction amongst our employees. We also aggressively  promote and practice good internal communications. Our recent employee satisfaction rate was  87 and this is way above the industry benchmark of 80.

How would you describe your colleagues?
My colleagues at the hotel are very co-operative, supportive and committed.

What is the one item you would not be able to work without?
I would not be able to work without clear directions or goals. It’s like not knowing what the purpose of one’s job is.

What is one misconception candidates have about your company or industry?
Common misconception of the hotel industry is that shift work is dreadful. It’s NOT. For  example, employees who have the afternoon shift get to wake up late at 10am and reporting for work at 3pm, before take the MRT home at about 11.30pm.

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