CAREER EXPERT feat Chris Mead | Issue 38 of HEADHUNT


Dear Hays Jobs Doctor,

I’m finding many of my employees aren’t giving 100 percent. How do I motivate them to achieve their full potential? Hoping  o receive some useful advice and tips from you!



Dear Yasmin,

Thank you for your letter, this can be a challenge especially when times are a little tougher and we are all working harder.  Sometimes it may be because employees are not feeling valued. It is easy in the current economic situation to demand more without giving more in return, even in most financial jobs and banking jobs. A few simple methods to avoid this are below and I hope this is assistance to you and your  business.

Regards Chris Mead

Training and development

Individuals, teams and organisations all benefit from training and development. It provides people with the skills and  knowledge to perform new jobs, which supports the idea of a flexible workforce. Teams and groups also work better as there are more opportunities for knowledge sharing.

To maximise the benefits of training and development, making it available to all staff and personalise it according to roles, responsibilities and future goals. Subscriptions to professional organisations and magazines, attendance at networking events, coaching and mentoring programmes also contribute to ongoing development.

Work flexibility

Offering flexible working arrangements, such as location and the hours staff work, to the types of technologies available to them such as video conferencing and remote access, promotes a work/life balance. Such flexibility or work/life balance aids organisations in attracting and retaining the best people in the market. It also increases productivity due to more “balance”.

Maintaining morale

High morale is important for staff in achieving their full potential. Clear expectations, respect, recognition and celebrating success are ways employers can motivate their staff and facilitate improved productivity. Equipped with the right skills, knowledge and attitude, people are the primary source of an organisation’s competitive advantage. Therefore attracting, retaining and developing staff is the critical success factor for most organisations, no matter what the market conditions. A  motivated, engaged and creative workforce is a valuable commodity so invest and you will reap the rewards now and in the future.

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