Three ways to take a rejuvenating break

Three ways to take a rejuvenating break

Global - A sluggish day is by no means fun nor necessarily productive. Up your game by following what we are a few tried and tested methods of improving your work in the office.

1. Be distracted, at least for a while.
Sometimes you just need to take your mind off work. There is a reason why blog feeds and Facebook games are so popular. If these sites are banned in your office, then you might have to resort to sharing funny pictures through email. Just don't laugh too loud.

2. Take a tea or coffee break.
Every self-respecting cubicle hound knows that caffeine possesses the ability to re-energise the body for another bout of work. In addition to the jolt of energy, you could use some time away from your desk, if only to rest your eyes from staring at small words and numbers on the screen all day.

3. Meditate.
If you don't know how to meditate, deep breathing exercises work just as well. Close your eyes, breathe in while counting to ten, hold it for eight counts, then breathe out for another ten counts. Repeat ten times. End it with a hearty yawn and stretch to iron out the cricks in your bones. You'd feel a lot better immediately.

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