Women employees wanted for shift work

Women employees wanted for shift work

Singapore - With women still shouldering most of the childcare responsibilities, employers should be more creative in tapping this pool of potential workers. This was a call made by NTUC Women's Development Secretariat recently.

A recent NTUC survey conducted among 32 women aged 23 to 54 years old found that family commitment remains the number one reason as to why women avoid shift work. Other respondents added that they would still remain in their shift jobs if they have to help with childcare. Health issues were also a concern for many, as they fretted about irregular eating and sleeping hours.

With the tight labour market, the government is targeting to increase the labour force participation rate of women from the current 55 percent.

To attract women into shift work, NTUC Deputy Secretary-General Halimah Yacob said that companies can do more to support its female employees who are working shift by tweaking factors such as work schedules, working hours, incentives or benefits. Other suggestions included allowing workers to select shift patterns, giving permanent fixed shifts to those who want it and offering better shift allowances.

On the other end, NTUC said it will also continue to encourage job seekers to adopt an open mindset and attitude when seeking shift work opportunities.

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