CAREER EXPERT feat Chris Mead | Issue 90 of HEADHUNT

CAREER EXPERT feat Chris Mead | Issue 90 of HEADHUNT

Dear Chris,

I am going for an accountant job with a large company and have been told that I will need to undertake a psychometric assessment test before I can proceed to the next round of interviews. Can you please explain what psychometric assessment involves and how I can prepare for it?




Dear Kai,

Psychometric assessment testing is a component of the recruitment process for many companies especially for executive jobs and is designed to explore aspects of workplace behaviour, preference and motivation, as opposed to just ability.

The principle of assessments is to gain insight into individuals’ personalities, skills and competencies, which is why many employers also use such assessment at other times, such as when making decisions about promotion, training and development. As a result, you may find that you will encounter a few of these tests throughout your career. The data is then used to build a picture of your overall strengths and aptitude, motivations, aspirations, preferred way of working and cultural fit.

Often aptitude, ability and intelligence tests are administered under timed examination conditions. These assess logical reasoning and increase in difficulty during the test. You will have to solve problems or do tasks. They commonly take the form of multiple choice questions with right and wrong answers, numerical and verbal reasoning tests.

While these tests can be difficult to prepare for, ask your recruiter for a sample test or take free sample tests online to practice for your accounting jobs in Singapore. But remember, the assessment you take is likely to be unique to the particular role you have applied for. So while you can practice answering sample questions to become more comfortable with this style of assessment and to understand the types of questions asked, do not expect the questions to be identical.

When it comes time to take the test, read the instructions clearly and ask for clarification if anything is not clear.

If the test is timed, note how many questions there are so you know approximately how long to spend on each one. Work as quickly as you can while still reading the questions thoroughly.

If you are unsure of an answer, do not make a random guess for director jobs exam. Instead, eliminate those answers you know to be wrong and try to make an educated guess from there.

Good luck.

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Chris Mead

General Manager

HAYS Singapore

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