Work-life balance needed

Singapore - As Singapore’s economy rebounds, companies looking to attract and retain talent should consider schemes aimed at promoting work-life balance amongst its employees.

In an article written by Claire Chang in Today, the chairperson of the Employer Alliance wrote that the traditional means of emphasising salary and benefits no longer works with employees these days.

A recent study conducted by the Tripartite Alliance for Fair Employment found flexible working hours as one of the three most preferred organisational benefits for Gen X and Y employees.

Other studies have also shown that effective work-life integration can also benefit businesses and corporations. In 2008, a study by Corporate Executive Board in the United States found employees with work-life benefits generally work 21 percent harder and are 33 percent more likely to stay at the same organisation.  

In order to meet individual needs, flexible working schemes can comprise of compressed work weeks, flexi-hours, telecommuting, part-time and job sharing.

“Employees, on their part, must realise they are the architects of their own destinies. It is time for everyone to take steps to work smart and live well,” Chiang adds.

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