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Dear Chris,

I have recently graduated from a mechanical engineering degree and was one of only two girls in my year. I know traditionally maledominated fields are starting to open up for women who are entering fields such as engineering, construction, resources and finance but they are still hard  to break into. How do I go about getting a job in my industry?




Dear Sarah,

Firstly, congratulations on completing your degree, you are now at the very exciting start of your career and being qualified in an area where  skills are in demand means there are a lot of executive jobs and options available to you both in Singapore and overseas.

You also have the benefit of earning a higher salary. Many studies have found that women employed in non-traditional jobs earn higher wages  than women employed in traditionally female occupations.

Your recruiter will be able to help you get your first foot in the door by sitting down with you and discussing your short and longer term career   objectives and determining a career path that will get you there with the right organisation. They will make sure you are placed with an employer   that is willing to give you the same promotion paths and job opportunities that a male counterpart would have to develop your skills and learning  experiences.

Most importantly, learn everything you can about your industry and become a subject matter expert. This applies to all professions, from accountant jobs to engineering -related positions. Take advantage of the wide range of resources available to you and continually build on your knowledge. Take advancement courses and join professional engineering bodies such  as the IEEE Women in Engineering Group that will enable you to network with other female and male engineers. 

We would also recommend you find a female role model that inspires you and holds a senior leadership position in your field. She will have built  invaluable relationships and networks that may help you succeed in your career.

And don’t give up! You are forging a path for current and future female engineers and helping to build a more diverse workforce.

Good luck.

Hays, the world’s leading recruiting experts in qualified, professional and skilled people.


Chris Mead
General Manager
HAYS Singapore

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