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Dear Chris,

I’ve read a lot about skill shortages and that many candidates are now receiving multiple offers. Can you please tell if this is the case within  Human Resources? I have worked in the industry for the past 8 years and have applied for half a dozen roles in the past few months but am yet to receive a single offer. Having started my job search before the bonus period I thought that I would have a much better chance of securing a new job. Do you have any advice? 

Thank you,



Dear Marpy,

Thank you for your question. There are skill shortages across many industries, including Human Resources. The good news is recruitment   activity is expected to pick up dramatically this quarter. While you started your job search before bonuses were paid, many employers are only just recruiting now for new roles, including executive jobs, as they were put on hold at the end of last year due to headcount issues.

Candidate levels will more than likely rise this quarter for a number of reasons.  Besides the traditional mentality of seeking a new role in a New   Year and waiting until bonuses have been paid, more people are now far more confident in the market’s ability to present them with a solid   career-advancing opportunity.

Despite this rise, the demand for certain specialist skills will not be met. HR skills in high demand this quarter include: 

Many companies within the commerce and industry sector are restructuring their HR departments according to the ‘Centre of Excellence’ model   which is creating demand for HR Business Partners. Strategic generalists will be highly regarded.

The financial services HR industry has reopened the recruitment doors following a dry period over the last quarter, and the hotspots are now at  the more senior end for Talent Managers and Learning and Development (L&D) professionals to focus on employee engagement, up skilling high  potentials, and ensuring retention.

Regional roles are another hotspot as always due to the strategic location of Singapore, and global organisations setting up their regional hubs.

There will also be another burst of new vacancies in April following bonus payouts.

With skill shortages becoming more prevalent, from accountant jobs to teacher roles, we are advising employers to be more open-minded when it comes to a candidate’s background   as HR skills are extremely transferable into different industries and we are finding that some employers are already being more flexible.

In order to maximise your job search, a recruiting expert in HR can help you identify the right opportunities for you, and put you forward for   vacancies you are suitable for. If you are not the successful candidate, your recruitment consultant will give you feedback from the company as   to why you were not selected. If you are the lucky one, your consultant will negotiate to secure you the package you are after, without  jeopardising the offer of employment.


Chris Mead
General Manager
HAYS Singapore

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