CAREER EXPERT feat Chris Mead | Issue 87 of HEADHUNT


Dear Chris,

I am using a recruitment agency for the first time and would like to know what do recruitment consultants look for in a candidate? Do they have to be a 100% match to the job brief?


Dear Nikki,

I am glad to hear you have chosen to use a recruitment agency to help you find your next role and to answer your question, no candidates do not have to be a 100% match. While those candidates that tick as many boxes as possible have a clear advantage, many employers are now willing to consider those with transferrable skills as the current skilled candidate market becomes tighter.

Our recruitment consultants often look at candidates who may not be a 100% match to executive jobs briefs, but have the right cultural fit and can be trained into the role. This is the most important factor in matching the right people with the right role. Even the most ideal candidates often don’t match a job brief 100% so do not let that deter you from applying for your dream role, be it an accountant job or an IT position. If you research the organisation and feel you’ll be the right ‘fit’, if you have relevant transferable skills and if you are willing to train and work hard, you should still express your interest in a role – you may be just the person they are looking for.

In addition, at any one time a consultant will have a range of positions vacant.  Even though you may not be short-listed for one role, we will always consider you for all future suitable roles. In fact, we often market strong candidates to employers who we know appreciate quality staff or have staffing needs.

Good luck.

Hays, the world’s leading recruiting experts in qualified, professional and skilled people.

Chris Mead
General Manager
HAYS Singapore

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