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Dear Chris,

I am 42 years old and considering a change of career. I currently work in the insurance industry but my passion has always been hospitality and tourism. I know this is a big step but how do I go about achieving my dream?


Dear Dianna,

The workforce is realising that no one has a job for life anymore, and so just as candidates change employers or even locations for career  advancement, so too do some candidates retrain and start again in order to achieve the challenge or position they seek, or to revitalise their  career. Finance executives can shift to marketing jobs more easily now, thanks to a more open job market.

It is great to hear that you are ready to take on the next challenge in your career in an area you are really passionate about. Here is our advice  for a smooth transition from one career to the next.

If you’re looking at retraining in order to enter a new field, we suggest you fully research your chosen sector before making any move. It’s a massive change, and you need to be prepared to start at the bottom again. IT jobs, for instance, require extensive training on the latest technology. You’ll also need to consider the long-term costs of such a change.

Look online and speak to people who are in your chosen industry to get an inside perspective on what the day-to-day responsibilities and duties may be, general highs and lows and any professional qualifications, memberships or certificates that are required. Hospitality and tourism is a fun industry and gives you the opportunity to meet some wonderful people from all over the world but the hours can be long and the salaries may be less than you currently earn.

Plan your transition well. Sit down with your recruiter and map out the best career progression path to help get you to where you want to be in your new career. Work with them to refresh your resume and polish your interview skills, particularly if it has been some time since your last interview.

Take active steps but recognise that your change of career won’t happen overnight.

It may be a long process but through commitment, action and hard work you will start to reap the rewards of your new career change in no time.

Good luck.

Hays, the world’s leading recruiting experts in qualified, professional and skilled people.


Chris Mead
General Manager
HAYS Singapore

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