Tough Balancing Act

Ang Gey Wee
General Manager, Human Resources
A.P. Moller Maersk

Although there are signs of economies picking up, stiff market competition remains a constant equilibrium force that moderates the profitability  growth. The outlook for the year remains challenging as both tanker and container rates are at relatively low levels. This creates a tough  balancing act on Singapore recruitment for HR professionals to determine a competitive package to attract potential new hires and appropriate compensation philosophy to retain existing staff. Competing for talent solely on monetary benefits cannot be sustained in the long run and has the potential downside of  internal inequity.

One of our top priorities is to attract and retain talented and motivated employees who thrive in an inspiring international environment. The labour  market is tight, but shipping offers a global career like no other. It puts one in the driver’s seat of global trade and a chance to work in a diverse, cross-border environment.

At A.P. Moller-Maersk, we continually raise the bar for business performance, environmental responsibility, safety and security in all areas  where we operate. Employees are engaged in project teams to drive organisational efficiency. Our numerous training and career enrichment  opportunities ensure an exciting, challenging workplace. This has drawn interest externally, as is evidenced in recruitment efforts where we consistently draw high interest for vacancies. We place strong emphasis to cultivate a performance-driven work culture. We have an online system to provide ease of performance records to support the overall performance management process. It is our aim to adopt a clear link between pay and performance to reward talent who consistently perform well.

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