Lessons from Generation Y Professionals

The typical population of a company is usually composed of a few Baby Boomers and Gen X employees who hold the manager jobs, and a large number of millenials (another tem for the Generation Y “kids”) who make up the staff level.

Hiring from cross-generational groups continues to become a tough thing to crack. Conflicts arise because of the different perspectives. Basically, Gen Yers want to have more flexibility and diversity in their jobs, while the two generation levels before them are the hardworking command-and-control type of employees. It would be pointless to try and make the millenials adapt to how things have been for the past decades or so. These kids know what they want and soon, will become the bosses. So while you try to bridge generation gaps, pick up a lesson or two from the new kids on the block, the office block that is.


Work-life balance is not just a concept. For Gen Yers, it is a state of life. That is why they’d rather turn into productivity machines for four hours than take it slow in the office for ten hours. When Gen Yers work, they give their best to achieve more in a short span of time. After that, they’re off to coffee with their friends. This is also the reason why they do not like long meetings. They see it as a counter-productive time-eater.

They also do not see anything wrong with taking a few months off the corporate world. For them, gaps in their career translate to time spent learning and not slacking. It’s not at all bad, especially if you see your Gen Y staff delivering excellent outputs despite their maximized leaves. Truly, perspectives have changed.      


Financial literacy is a must for Gen Y. Because they want to savour life as much as possible, they make it a point to ensure that they would not have to work for their money when they reach a certain age. They learned their lesson from Gen X and the Baby Boomers, and now they know better. It’s encouraging to hear from these seemingly happy-go-lucky professionals how wisely they handle their finances, something that we should have done years ago.

This is one of the main reasons why they demand high starting salaries – working without the opportunity to save is almost pointless for them. They know how much they are worth and if they are not given that, there will be no hesitations to transfer to a company that will give them the salary they want. You may think that they are too entitled, but if you come to think of it, there is wisdom in that attitude.

Career development

By now, it’s been established that Gen Yers seize the day. They want to maximize their time at work so they can have more leisure time, and they want to prepare well for their retirement which they plan to have sooner than when their parents did. In the same way, Gen Y professionals want the most career development they can have. Gen Yers see great mentors as rockstars. Be their rockstar; train them for a director job and you will get appreciated and esteemed.     

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