Industry Insight – Hospitality | Keeping them motivated

By Celeste How

Singapore is at an all-time lowest unemployment rate, and hotels require extensive manpower to deliver the service that guests (both foreign and locals) expect especially in Asia. Also priorities of the modern world continue to evolve and finding that right balance of keeping staff motivated and exceeding guests’ service expectations will always remain a challenge in this industry.

Other parts of Asia with larger population and lower living costs will not have the same challenge as we do here in Singapore. But I’m sure they will also have their own set of problems to face that are relevant to their situation. The service industry is rooted in the dynamics of people, relationships and delivering the “promise”. This is what makes each day a dynamic experience be it for the staff, the manager and ultimately, for the guest as well.

We hire people not only for their skills but for their attitude and passion for service which involves a series of interviews to determine the individual’s potential. We ensure all new hires have proper orientation not only of their job but about the company and the workplace. Various job and skills development training programme operate all over the hotel, 365 days to orient, refresh and upgrade the individual’s skills constantly as we continuously aspire to not only get our customers right, but exceed their expectations. But it’s not just about all hard work, we’ve rolled out several modules as part of the Four Seasons Employee Experience Programme that include community outreach, work-life balance, health and wellness, fun and connectivity teams for all our employees to enrol and participate in their areas of interest outside their own jobs.

Measuring success
As part of the Four Seasons company-wide practice we have measurable surveys to take the “pulse” of both the employees experience within their work environment and the guest’s own stay experience (i.e. feedback forms and Guest Comment Cards etc). Also the ratio of staff turnover is a good indicator of their workplace satisfaction and happily, we remain constant in this regard.

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