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By Kenneth Kominski

If we study parts of the world like Western Europe, Australia and North America we would see this need for talent is exactly the same. As such, Singapore is not different from these countries and our business practices need to incorporate the ‘best practices’ from other highly-developed countries so that the hospitality industry remains world-class.

As an industry, is hospitality looking creatively enough at our current organisational structures and compensation models and reinventing the way we work and pay? We are currently working with two talented groups of graduate students from Cornell in Singapore to study this particular question. Pan Pacific Hotels Group also participated in the Future of Work Consortium Phase 2 project that asked the question, “What will the future of work look like in 2020?” Over a six-month period we had access to academics and other leading businesses around the world where great ideas were shared. With the guidance of the Hot Spots Research Institute, UK, under the direction of Lynda Gratton and the support of the Ministry of Manpower, Pan Pacific Hotels Group has begun developing our Future Proofed Model.

This model focuses on creating multi-talented roles within self-managed teams. To coach these teams, Leadership Apprentices are identified from within the teams and their leadership and coaching skills are developed. Each apprentice as well would work across each division within the hotel to develop generalist knowledge of each division. The learning continues for successful Leadership Apprentices as they become eligible for the Executive Leadership Development. The Executive Leadership Development programme is a mentorship programme where the executive leader is directly mentored by the general manager. Individuals within the programme can progress as quickly through the programme as their individual talent will take them. My personal goal is to see that within three years all our leaders are promoted from within.

Now is the time for the hospitality industry in Singapore to become truly innovative and creative in our approach to the challenges that face our industry. Our traditional approaches to these challenges will not resolve these issues. Creativity and passion have always been a big part of the hospitality industry in Singapore. We now need to use our creativity and passion of these issues and develop innovative solutions for the hospitality industry in Singapore.

Measuring success
The success can be measured in a variety of ways. The feedback we receive from our guest will let us know if we are creating memorable hotel experiences for them. Our associates will let us know how successful we are through our associate satisfaction survey, but also how well we retain talent and the number of associates that are promoted within the company. We will also be able to measure our enhancements to productivity by analysing service delivery times, revenue growth per associate and bottom-line profit.

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