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In the News – Employment Market Updates

Hiring prospects, re-employment practices and more.

A View from the Top feat. Tammarika Tricarico

Tammarika Tricarico is the Head of Learning, Talent, Resourcing and Organisation Development at HSBC Singapore.

Industry Leaders feat. Francis Koh

Francis is a trusted talent management advisor to many clients, ranging from multinational companies (MNC) to SMEs. From Issue 107of HeadHunt.

A View From the Top | Ingrid Sidiadinoto, Managing Director, UPS Singapore

Young leaders need to be willing to start from the ground. When it comes to leadership, some people just want to get to the top very quickly.

CAREER EXPERT feat Chris Mead | Issue 99 of HEADHUNT

Almost one quarter of Singapore’s workforce can expect a salary increase above six per cent this year, according to our 2012 Hays Salary Guide.


HR leaders have always understood the need for leaders, employees and customers to connect well for better business prospects.

Time Management for the Working Moms and Dads

Tips and practices that you can adopt at home to achieve more with less time

Desktop Snacks

Your choice of snacks affects your diet in a significant way, more than you can imagine, even.

Cool Courses 101

Though MBA courses remain to be appealing to young professionals, their enthusiasm for life and personal growth brings forth new avenues for learning

Calculating the ROI on Higher Education

With a shaky economy, does a hefty investment in a Masters or MBA degree pay of?

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