Look Within - Been there done that


Eileen Lee, Senior Manager, Brand Development, Singapore Tourism Board. It may sound clichéd but we all have a part to play in building our home. Not just the physical (the roof over our heads), but the larger living environment. I find comfort knowing that I hold a critical role in shaping that today. I can appreciate the desire for young minds to wander and explore beyond this little red dot... I’ve been there myself.

I recall the days when I was a bright-eyed student filled with bountiful energy, curiosity and ambition, raring to go. Beyond my education in Singapore, I spent a year in Paris studying French language and art history. I returned with no regrets, in fact, it opened my eyes and allowed me to pick up the life skills I have. But things we take for granted here, and quite honestly even joke about sometimes - the safety, efficiency and cleanliness - have exceeding emotional benefits, especially when we are away from home. I can’t say this for everyone, but this is what I know I want to come back to, and ultimately the foundation of my home. It’s a feeling that’s beyond just the familiar, but a childlike sense of pride.

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