Get your full score on retention

Get your full score on retention

Hire the right people - Getting the right people on board is important. If he/she is attracted to the job for the right reason, chances are that he/she will stay

Communicate - Be sure that every team member knows his roles, job description, and responsibilities within the organisation. Everyone must be on the same page

Include employees in decision making - This can help to foster a culture of employee involvement and will generate new ideas and perspectives

Allow team members to share their knowledge with others - Having team members share what they have learned at a recent conference or training workshop will retain the knowledge and information

Shorten the feedback loop - This will help to keep performance levels high and will reinforce positive behaviour

Offer a competitive compensation package - Cash is king. Be at par with market rates where compensation is concerned. No one wants to work for a compromised salary

Balance work and personal life - Stress on the importance of work-life harmony. No amount of money can keep a burnt out employee at work

Provide opportunities for growth and development - Offer the employee an opportunity to train and make a switch in another department if he is bored with a current position

Reward and recognise - This can be simple or extravagant. Often an e-mail of appreciation or quickly stopping by a team member’s desk and saying “thanks” can do wonders to employee morale

Clearly define what is expected of team members - In a performance-driven workplace a lack of clarity regarding job duties and expectations can cause fear and anxiety among employees who are unsure of what is expected of them

The quality of supervision and mentorship - Team members want supervisors who set clear performance expectations, deliver timely feedback on performance, live up to their words and provide an environment where an employee can grow and succeed

Fair and equitable treatment of all employees - Avoid discrimination at all levels

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