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Wendy Montgomery
Vice President & Head, Human Resources
ESPN Star Sports

Talent talent everywhere but not many that fit!

Attracting and retaining top performers require an effective multi-pronged approach

It’s true relatively speaking the media industry does have a relatively high turnover. Lower pay than some other industries, lack of career progression and the nature of work in addition to poaching from other media companies are all contributing factors to high attrition. To mitigate this ESPN Star Sports employs a range of tactics that include the following amongst others:

• the compensation of our key/critical talent
• how the key skills compare to the labour market
• and career progression

Finding the right people, right attitude and skill-set in Singapore presents a diverse range of challenges in the media industry. To combat this we as an organisation, use an integrated talent acquisition strategy which includes; referral networks, social media, traditional head-hunting, e-recruitment such as major search engines, and professional websites, along with internships, apprentices and graduatetraining programmes.

Given the size of the media industry in Singapore we recruit talent globally to overcome the skills shortages within Singapore. In the last 15 months we have hired individuals from countries such as America, Australia, Great Britain, Canada, China, England, Hong Kong, Korea, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Southern Ireland and Thailand.

Another critical challenge is that of retention. In ESPN Star Sports, retention begins with a cohesive recruitment and talent management strategy. It is taken as a business issue at the most senior corporate level and is a point of focus for my team and me. The working environment, job satisfaction, social networks, interpersonal relationships and most importantly leadership and management styles play very important roles in creating a professional workplace. These are also the key factors that help in attracting and retaining our staff at ESPN STAR Sports and are the areas that we try to improve every day.

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