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Deborah Ong
Human Capital Partner,

• As a Firm, we continue to enjoy more than 80% graduate acceptance for all offers made in the recently concluded Tri-University Recruitment
Fair. This together with the fi rm being recognised as the Most Popular Professional Services Employer 2010 by Singapore’s 100 Leading
Graduate Employer Award are affi rmations that PwC continues to enjoy a distinctive brand name with an attractive value proposition amongst
young graduates here in Singapore.

• Internally, our people engagement is measured through a people survey conducted once a year. This index measures the extent to which
our people are motivated to contribute to our firm’s success and are willing to put in discretionary effort to achieve our firm’s goals. This index is critically viewed by the leadership of the firm and is a reality check for the firm on an annual basis on what needs to be done on an ongoing basis to stay relevant to our people.

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