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It's All About Talent

The war for talent is an often used statement and one of our key challenges is to continuously stay relevant and exciting to our target hires who are clearly a generation with choices.

While challenging and varied experience is important, we are cognizant of the fact that in today’s market we have to do more than that. The engagement of our people, understanding their professional and personal aspirations and facilitating that through not just work exposure but platforms like community projects or sports, allows our people to connect and develop as a team and identify with the firm.

Therefore, providing a compelling value proposition to our potential hires and being able to deliver on that promise continues to be an area of focus.

The foundation to addressing some of the challenges faced is to build and sustain relationships with our people. All staff members (including our managers) are mentored by a senior staff member who invests time in understanding the professional and personal aspirations of an individual.
This coaching relationship is sustained throughout one’s career in the firm and allows the firm to continually revisit and revise the value proposition we put forth to our people of varying years of experience periodically.

It is also an effective way for our people to explore options to take on new challenges within the firm e.g. to move on from an audit to an advisory role or take on the challenge to train younger staff on both technical and other matters. Connecting with different groups of staff to better understand what matters to them is also an important source of information for us as a firm to evaluate actions required.

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