Human Capital Crunch

The lack of skilled infocomm professionals has been a perennial issue facing companies globally for years, but what is unique in Asia is the unprecedented growth, which in turn has been further driving demand for skilled people.

Skills shortage remains a challenge for the IT industry across the Asia- Pacific and Japan region, including Singapore. Increasingly across the region, we see the role of IT and the ever growing need for skilled IT professionals, as a lever of economic growth. As markets throughout the region develop, a more sophisticated level of economic integration, enabled by IT, is necessary to sustain the economic growth.

Singapore is taking the necessary steps to be a competitive force in the global economy. In partnership with the Infocomm Development Authority, SAP launched its global University Alliance Program across the region to develop a pool of globally competitive infocomm professionals. Th is programme has already been established in 36 countries throughout Europe and the Americas, with the aim of developing a talented pool of globally competitive infocomm professionals. With an investment of around S$7 million in the programme in APJ, we hope to reach over 300 universities in the region and help establish a ready talent pool from which expertise can be drawn by the industry.

We are also seeing stronger customer awareness around the need to continually evolve and grow in the face of global competitive pressure. Businesses are looking at IT as not just an efficiency enabler, but to enhance innovation of business models and processes, especially in the midst of the economic downturn.

I see technology as a means to an end, but not the end itself. Technology may change, but people are always people – and remain the key driver behind IT. Today, we are seeing technology evolving to become more people-friendly. As a result, IT professionals not only need IT skills, but also people skills to better help their customers maximize the business value of IT.

How to Attract and Retain?
As we continue to invest in our leadership position in the region, the attraction and retention of talent is high on our corporate agenda and remains an integral part of our business strategy.
We actively provide:
• Career development programmes
• Competitive compensation packages
• Work Life Harmony programmes
• Pro-family policies and benefits
• A flexible and rewarding working environment

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