Landing A Singapore Executive Job: A Guide For Interns

There is a popular saying among students which never fades in its potency and application in the world of recruitment and executive search: Interns, take your internship seriously. If you are anticipating a bachelor's degree from a reputable university, it is important that you know as early as now which company you would like to join and the job that will have you getting up in the morning feeling ready and breezy about coming to work.

Landing an executive job begins with taking your internship application seriously. A good internship performance could bring about the possibility of the company hiring you for their entry level work. Corporates never run out of the need for talented, skilled, and bright minds with a great attitude. To make this a possibility, you should ensure that you maintain good grades and study hard. Creating a good resume with an honest account of what you have been able to accomplish in the university is another way to bring yourself closer to your goal. Better yet, increase your employability as an intern and take your baby step towards a respectable executive job by seeking post graduate education from a reputable business school.

Big corporations in the banking and finance industry even accept interns with a generous monthly salary of $5000. This comes with the skills required which innately university students are able to acquire from exposure to many innovative things such as social media. Social media is now a widely used online marketing method which the younger generation, armed with their knowledge of modern technology, can use to complement and help improve the current conventional marketing and promotional methods used by companies.

Preparation is key to landing that dream job. It would also help for you to be familiar with industry news on manpower and recruitment so you can sharpen your skills in talent marketing and make yourself likeable to your recruiters.

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