What are the Top Paying Executive Jobs Singapore Companies Offer?

If you are an executive fetching a salary of $50,000 to $250,000 a month and desire for greater opportunity to lead and grow in a highly competitive environment, then this is a good time for you to make a change. Despite the recession affecting many businesses and employment in many parts of the world, corporates are on the hire in Singapore. The most sought-after executive jobs companies in Singapore have to offer are ready for you if you are looking to embark on a new and challenging journey.

Headhunt Issue #65 unveils the top 50 best paying executive jobs Singapore companies offer. Topping the list are sales manager jobs, compliance and legal, change process, and IT, among many  others.

Multinational companies are are always looking to hire the best talents and brains that will lead them to the top stratum amidst a highly competitive world, and as most positions require 7-8 years of top management experience, employability is highly dependent on the executive's own academic background and employment track record. Working with an  executive search company that endorses your application with credibility and ensuring that your qualifications match the job requirements and the corporate culture of the hiring company, will greatly improve your chances of landing executive jobs in Singapore multinationals.

There are many highly talented, skilled and qualified professionals around the world that remain in companies that are unable to fully harness their abilities. These professionals are unaware of how to market themselves amidst a very competitive  recruitment process, which often results in their resumes getting overshadowed by others, often for very superficial reasons.

With Headhunt, clear assessments of the executive's strong set of qualifications and his or her ideals for success, will be carried out.  Management style and principles are also given weighty consideration as this has a great impact on the results and turnaround the executive can deliver.

The Top Executive Jobs Singapore employers offer only land in the hands of those who can deliver the reults and change necessary to bring about a positive wave of growth in the company.

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