Sales Job - What Comes with a Sales Job?

What Comes with a Sales Job?
Sales can be a daunting career. It takes more than just charisma to be good at it. Most companies assign their sales people to be on standby for 24 hours. You never know when a client will surprise you by signing a multi-million dollar contract.

How Do You know if You are Fit to do Sales? Here are some of the considerations:
1. Are You Highly Competitive?
Doing sales is always going to be about the bottom line, the dollars, and the numbers. There is no other way to measure performance in sales except through the delivered bottom line. If you are someone who is aggressive and competitive, then sales will give you the greatest sense of satisfaction. Competing against one’s self means ‘Always transcending already reached sales figures’. Are you up to it?

2. Are You Willing to Travel and Do Sales for 24 hours?
A Sales Job has no down time and it is a capital sin to turn off your phones. The most you can do is to put it on silent mode but when your client calls, but then again, not having an automated answering machine on your phone is not acceptable. You have to ask yourself if you are willing to skip many family occasions since travelling extensively is required. Another question is whether your family will be willing to supportive in this area.

3. Can You Master a Product?
It is best to know how to construct a chair if you are going to sell a chair. This means, other than becoming a sales man, you ought to own up to your product too, this also includes being an adviser or a product expert as well. A sales job makes you an expert in the item you are selling. When you have reached this level of expertise, you can face almost any type of client, even those who are testy and scheming, and convert them into buyers from mere speculators.

4. Do You Have the Charms?
Sales will inevitably require charisma and a confident personality. Are you one that is easy to talk and able to carry out a sensible conversation? Can you impress your clients without being overbearing?

Given these requirements, the returns in terms of satisfaction and compensation are a hundred fold. This is no wonder; people doing a Sales Job call it the greatest job in the world.

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