Headhunter Job - Understanding the Headhunter Job

Large corporations have their own Human Resources departments which processes recruitment, hiring, benefit administration and organizational development. Still, these corporations employ headhunters to get them top-level executives. What comprises the Headhunter Job? How is it different from internal HR?

The Headhunter Job is about targeted and strategic hiring. This is for top-level executives who eventually become the company's decision makers. Position levels of the CEO, COO, CIO, VPs and other senior roles are what the headhunters fill. These are positions which the companies rarely advertise over the print and radio or online media to be able to fill.

The Headhunter Job requires networking with the industry's leaders. More often than not, competing companies will engage the headhunter to attract the top brains to jump ship. This is manpower is what defines a company's success, especially if two companies are selling the same products to the same markets. If one company wins over the other, then it has got to be because of top management who makes sound and effective decisions.

After meeting with a candidate, the Headhunter Job includes interviewing the candidate. Interviews are not conducted the regular way. Instead, the headhunter may invite the candidate to coffee, or talk with him over light dinner. The objective is to bring out a wealth of information by speaking to the candidate about things which are not in the resume. Further, if the hiring company has a particular problem that needs to be addressed, then the headhunter may make this case scenario as part of the interview process just to pick the candidate's brains regarding a real scenario that requires his expertise.

For many recruitment specialists, the Headhunter Job is prime. It gives them the opportunity to meet with successful executives and to place them into even more successful career paths. The headhunter is also a key asset to the company as it strategically brings in people who can make the difference in the company's performance.

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