Look Within Before Anywhere Else

Look Within Before Anywhere Else

"The grass may not necessarily be greener on the other side of the fence", said veteran journalist Ananya Mukherjee in her "Look within" article, first published in Volume 2 of HEADSTART and now readable online at http://www.headhunt.com.sg/resources/markettalk/174-look-within.aspx

Mukherjee pointed out that young dreams are, often as not, set across the oceans. She expressed her puzzlement over this notion: Why do Singaporean graduates desire to take their chances abroad when there is a galore of job opportunities available for them in their homeland?

Singapore has been regarded as one of the best countries in SEA to work in since the last decade. With a per capita GDP higher than that of most developed countries, Singapore is nothing less than a career success story on its own and Mukherjee is encouraging all the young talents to stay and do their part in building their home. Particularly when it comes to financial jobs and bank careers, Singapore is home to a healthy job market. There is every reason to stay and not look elsewhere unless really needed.

For the article, Eileen Lee, a senior manager at Singapore Tourism Board shared her part in encouraging the youth to look within. "The things we take for granted here, and quite honestly even joke about sometimes -- the safety, efficiency and cleanliness -- have exceeding emotional benefits", she shared.

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