Looking into the Prospect of Taking up an MBA?

Looking into the Prospect of Taking up an MBA?
More and more career professionals are looking into the prospect of taking up MBA. Similarly, the number of MBA schools in the Lion City has grown to an all time high. With so many management schools to choose from, how do you know which one's the best for you? In order to get the best MBA education, must you just short list schools with high rankings and not consider any other?

According to Ananya Mukherjee, a business journalist writing for HeadHunt, it is important to include MBA ranking in one's criteria for choosing where to enroll but personal preferences also matter. The following sources can help you weigh in options
  • School Alumni
  • Career Statistics
  • Current student profiles
At the end of the day, aside from the name of the MBA institution where you come from, your past work experiences and how well you've understood CV tips will also have a say.

What are rankings for, then? According to Mukherjee, MBA ranking is a good tool for schools to maintain their competitiveness, considering that it doesn't just measure the school's curriculum but also the job opportunities available for its graduates, how big are the networks and the salaries of its alumni, and the performance of current student body. Therefore, rankings matter to schools because such metrics keep their MBA programs at par with international standards, thereby encouraging more students to enroll. 

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