Unique Ways to Earn Money

Unique Ways to Earn Money
It has been proven many times through surveys that job dissatisfaction is one of the biggest problems a career professional could ever encounter. Indeed, finding no motivation to do one's tasks and responsibilities is perhaps, more troublesome than getting into a fight with a colleague or two. No job position is easy, granted. But while it seems that most job positions have the ability to use up one's entire supply of fun in life, there are some that actually charm people into wishing to have them as careers.

These are not executive jobs and finance jobs, but many people -- those who have heard of them before -- think they are a privilege to keep.

Snake Milker
Have you ever wondered how snake antivenom is made? Well you may be suprised to find that snake venom is actually one of the main ingredients, but before antivenom can be made, some brave soul has to ‘milk’ the venom from poisonous and often deadly snakes. With the job requiring the frequent handling of snakes, aspiring snake milkers should be prepared to get an occasional snake bite or two.

Food Stylist
Yes you read it right, there are people that ‘doll up’ food for a living. A food stylist is usually employed to arrange the food for pictures in such a way that it appears enticing, as well as to keep it looking fresh for the photoshoots. This often involves using methods such as adding salt to fruits or even using paper towels on bread to keep them dry.

With the keen sense of smell that they’ve harnessed over the many years of working with scents, perfumers spend hours each day concocting and mixing different combinations of ingredients looking to create the next breakthrough fragrance to hit the shelves. Getting into the perfume industry however is far from easy. Most perfumers are required to possess a degree in chemistry and graduate from perfume school before finally allowed to be taken in as an apprentice in a perfume company.

Coconut Safety Engineer
Although the chances of anyone getting a job as a coconut safety engineer in Singapore is close to none, this job is quite common in areas like the Caribbeans where coconut trees are abundant. A coconut safety engineer’s job is to ensure that the coconut trees are safe and that coconuts do not fall on any unsuspecting passerby. This job often involves simply hitting coconut trees with sticks and climbing up to pluck coconuts.

Ethical Hacker
Ethical hackers, otherwise known as “white hats”, are hired by organizations to test its network defenses in order to identify weaknesses in its secuirity system. They use methods and systems that are used by their unethical counterparts. Ethical hackers are commonly used by governments and other larger organizations.

'Ethical hacker' probably caught your attention. This position is similar to an IT manager job, but the main responsibility of an ethical hacker is to test the security defenses of a website using the same techniques as your average hacker. A foley artist, on the other hand, is the one that inserts sound effects on previously filmed scenes for a movie or TV show.

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