Make The Employer Say “You’re Hired”

You’re hired” – two words that are music to every job seeker’s ear. It’s the most sought-after ending to a long search for top executive jobs. How can you make a potential employer say these two words? You need a well-oiled game plan, lots of preparation, and a good head on your shoulders.

Start your game plan by doing your homework. Research about the company – find out as much as you can about it. What is the company’s nature of business? What is their current status in the market? Who are the key players? Who is the major competition? The Internet makes it easy for you to know more about a company you are interested in; so go ahead and make a few clicks of the mouse.Read up on the company’s history, latest projects, news and developments. This way, when the interviewer asks you what you know about their company, you can readily share what you know about them. Not only will this show that you are sincere in your intention to work for their company, but it can also give your answers more substance.why should we hire you 

Prepare by choosing appropriate office clothes to wear to the interview. Show poise and confidence as you walk through the door and project a professional image. During the interview, make yourself stand out from the pack. This will take guts and a bit of pride, but saying that you are better than any other applicant exudes such convincing confidence. Say that you will add the most value to the company given your skills and experience, you are motivated, and you can deliver more than what is expected.

Aside from expressing confidence about the job, details on how you can help the company are also very important. Tell the interviewer that you have what it takes to solve the problems that are waiting for whoever will fill in the position. Expand on your answer by enumerating your skills, and even citing examples where you were able to fulfill similar tasks.

Does the interviewer see willingness and a sense of excitement in you? Communicate through your answer that you are very much looking forward to working in the company. Employers want somebody who can be loyal, so showing your enthusiasm and interest in the company will send that message clearly.

Highlight your uniqueness – all your qualities, accomplishments, and experience set you apart from the others. Have a clear picture of who you are and what you can bring to the table, and present it during the interview. Make your interviewer feel that they will not be able to find anybody like you anywhere else, and that you are the perfect match for the role.

Remain positive and show the ability to handle pressure gracefully. Listen carefully and ask questions to probe deeper. Answer intelligently so the interviewer knows you are listening. Show your drive and ambition to succeed in the company. Most of all, bring your A game and get ready to sell yourself as the best person who can do the job.

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