Battle Your Way Through Interview Trick Questions

HR managers are experts in asking the toughest interview questions that answering them would seem like you are battling your way through one giant, ridiculous obstacle course. No matter how much you have prepared for that tête-à-tête, there are still some questions that will catch you off guard. Here are some interview trick questions and suggestions on how you can give clever answers that will make the potential employer say “You are hired.

”How did you prepare for this interview?
Impress the interviewer by saying that you did your homework by researching about the company, reading up on its latest news and industry trends. If you know someone from the company, you can share what you have learnt about the culture and working environment. Employers want to hear how much you know about their company so you have to show your strong desire to be a part of the organisation, backed by the ample research you made on them

How good are you at managing pressure? 
The real question here is “Are you going to bail out on us when the going gets tough?” When asked this, keep your composure, sit up straight, and look the interviewer in the eye. Speak about the time you aced a project within short notice. You can say that while you faced tremendous amount of pressure, you handled the project well because you were focused and efficient, you knew what needed to be done to successfully see through its completion.questions about yourself Battle Your Way Through Interview Trick Questions Why is there a gap in your work history? Of course, you don’t go explaining to the interviewer that you took a one year hiatus from work because you just couldn’t find the right full-time HR job. While it’s not a bad thing at all to have a gap in your resume, the interviewer wants to find out if you used your time off in a productive manner. So, if you pursued other interests like enrolled in a special class or you probably took care of a sick relative during that period, let the employer know.

How do you feel about your boss’s performance?
This is a trap that HR people ask to determine if you worked well with your boss, if you take things too personally or you’re earnestly impartial, even if you’ve had one too many disagreements with your boss. To start off, discuss some of your boss’s admirable qualities like how he motivated the team and made decisions that always benefited the company. You can share an occasion wherein you worked together and you learnt a lot from him.But what if you were never pleased with the way your boss worked? You may have to “grin and bear” this question then. Remember, you should not speak ill of your boss or former employer, even if they truly deserve some criticising.

Why should we hire you over the other candidates who are as good as you? 
By asking this question, the interviewer wants to know if you are a good fit for the role and the company. Employers are looking for confidence. They want you to recognise your strengths and be able sell them at a moment’s notice. The candidate who is able to sell himself seamlessly gets the nod.A good reply to this should focus on your experience that’s significant to the role, your ability to align with the company’s vision, and your knack for working quickly and efficiently. You can say something like: “Other candidates may have some impressive qualifications of their own, but I believe no other candidate is going to fit in as effectively as I will. I not only have the experience necessary to succeed in the position, but I also fit in well with your company’s goal and can work quickly and efficiently to keep projects up-to-date. “

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