Costing Manager/Senior Manager (based in China)

Job Reference: Costing
Employer/Agency: Pulsar Connexions Pte. Ltd.
Location: China
Experience: 9 to 12 years
Salary/Package: $180k+
Job Sector: Accounting & Finance; General Management & Consulting; Manufacturing
Date Posted:
Closing Date:

Our client is a very large and profitable semiconductor manufacturing company located in China. With billions of dollars in investment, it is readying itself to be a leader in its field of technology. Such huge investment in equipment and manufacturing facility need to be supported by talented people. This Costing Manager/Senior Manager position is one of those newly created and critical functions. This position will be based in their facility in China.

Job description:

1. Cost estimation model establishment and continuous optimization of models

2. SAP related data maintenance

2. Previous cost rolling forecast (including EDS)

3. After the cost of rolling forecast

4. Investment forecast and profit and loss analysis

5. Effect of process change on product cost

6. Benchmarking Cost Analysis and Estimated Cost Analysis

7. Scenario planning and various cost case analysis (new process)

8. Cost structure optimization and improvement promotion

Job requirement:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in Industrial Engineering

2. More than 5 years experience in the semiconductor industry

3. Have a systematic understanding of IE and can solve problems independently

4. Strong pressure resistance, strong teamwork ability

Reporting to the HOD, the successful applicant must have excellent communications abilities. While the need to be able to handle both English and Chinese languages would be ideal, the company is open to look at candidates with a splendid track record of related experience. This is a permanent full-time position. A very attractive remuneration awaits the successful applicant, including an expatriate package.

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