Regional Data Lead - QuintilesIMS

Job Reference: HH100
Employer/Agency: QuintilesIMS
Location: Singapore
Salary/Package: On application
Job Sector: General Management & Consulting
Date Posted:
Closing Date:

Develop and manage a process to efficiently work with clients who would like to transition to a regional information agreement. Build a detailed view of all QIMS information assets in the region which includes all relevant details to enable the commercial use of the information in a fully informed manner. This will include highlighting gaps in our information coverage and highlighting applicable commercial uses. Ensure linkage of data sources from Cegedim acquisition – focus on One Key and Channel Dynamics and ensure relevant value is derived by clients who subscribe to these data sources. Appropriate collaboration with current owners. Take on the management of the regional client service team and build a regional client service model similar to the current European client service manager model. Lead for all information training requirements. This will include internal and client education sessions on our information assets to ensure a full understanding of what information is available and how it can be used to its fullest capability. Carry out an assessment of our information assets across the region to understand where the gaps are and what needs to be done to fill these gaps. Develop a forward looking information road map in conjunction with the services teams and the needs of clients. Work with suppliers to build relationships to source appropriate new information with specific focus on CH and Med Tech information service development. Support the development of a common information strategy across the Q & IMS legacy businesses. Actively contribute to the growth of the information business through creating the right environment in which clients see value in our information assets and confidence in our planned investment strategy in information moving forward. Growth split into 3 client segments:
Maintain and sustain: By supporting and leading clients to move to a regional approach. De-risk by better client service e.g. 40%
Direct Growth: through new assets and offerings and by expanding current client subscriptions e.g. 40%
Indirect growth: PM / analytics - act as Catalyst for growth by breaking down preconceptions and barriers e.g. 20%
Benefits to Commercial / BI / Analytics Functions
Ensures full visibility of all information contracts in place so as to avoid the lengthy collection of subscription details prior to any projects. Ensures greater understanding of how information can and cannot be used in service projects. Ensures better understanding of our data assets across the QIMS business so that client facing teams can have a more informed conversation. Remove the potential roadblocks that not knowing the information business (what we have and what a client purchases) can lead to. Creates a robust information platform from which to build the services business.
Role Requirements
In depth knowledge of QI data assets and how they are used by clients across all sectors of life sciences. In depth knowledge of the QI services business to ensure bridge to the information business. Strong client facing skills. Strong internal network both within APAC and outside of APAC. Experience in managing procurement stakeholders. Ability to manage multiple stakeholders internally and externally. Strong communication and presentation skills to enable sharing of service details internally and externally

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