iOS Engineer

Job Reference: Software Engineer
Employer/Agency: Ohmyhome
Location: Singapore
Experience: 1 to 3 years
Salary/Package: $4k-$6k
Job Sector: Information Technology
Functional Role: IT Hardware; Software ( Application & Database ); Software ( Web ); System Admin & IT Support
Date Posted:
Closing Date:

Ohmyhome is looking for a proficient iOS Developer to join our technical development team. The engineer will be working with other engineers to develop and maintain high quality native mobile application while working in a fast paced start-up environment.

The following experience and skillsets relevant to us:
• 2 - 3 years of iOS mobile development experience
• Experience developing, releasing and maintaining native iOS mobile application
• Efficient and quick in developing and testing your own code
• Knowledge in Swift Code
• Able to use framework and library dependency manager

Additional pointers if you have:
• Experience in product design
• Share your Github account with cool projects you might be working on

| Job Type: Full-time / Contract | Salary: $4,200.00 /month|
| Required Experience: 2 years iOS Development |

Please email your resume to [email protected]

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