Whitford Worldwide

Whitford Corporation was founded in 1969.

Two friends, former classmates, had been working at the same company for several years. Suddenly, three days before Christmas, both were fired. They went to lunch. It was a long one. By the time they finished coffee they had decided to start their own business. They had no clients, no products to sell. All they had was a dream. Today, that dream has become Whitford Worldwide. It’s an unusual company. This, briefly, is its story.

Soon after the two founders of Whitford Corporation opened for business, they hired a third friend (and former classmate), equally entrepreneurial in bent. After completing a project in the United States, he returned to his native England. Six months later, he opened Whitford Plastics Ltd. in Cheshire.

From its very beginning, Whitford has taken a global approach to its business — a point of view that has been key to what success the company has enjoyed.

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