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What is HeadHunt?

    HeadHunt is an executive job recruitment publication and jobs portal targeting professionals earning an annual income from $40,000 to $250,000. HeadHunt primarily focuses on the sectors of Banking, Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Sales, Marketing, Engineering and Sciences. HeadHunt appeals to the professionals, managers, executives and technicians (PMETS) who are seeking to advance their careers. 

    Who is Headhunt for?

    HeadHunt provides executives with exciting and relevant job opportunities that will broaden their career options. HeadHunt appeals to executives who are continuously seeking to progress their careers and achieve their full potential. HeadHunt's target audience would be executives within the $40,000 to $250,000 annual income bracket.

    Why use HeadHunt? 

    HeadHunt provides advertisers with a cost effective medium to target hard-to-reach executives. HeadHunt expands your existing reach and increases your company’s branding as the adverts are channelled directly to your target audience. It also supplements your existing print and online recruitment adverts with full color adverts at a fraction of the cost.

    Where is HeadHunt Available?

    30,000 copies of HeadHunt are available free fortnightly at over 300 points including selected MRT stations (Raffles Place, Tanjong Pagar, City Hall, Bugis, Novena, Orchard, Harbour Front & Tampines), Coffee Bean, Delifrance, Dome, Harry’s Bar, O’Briens, Polar, Spinelli, Starbucks, The Sandwich Shop, The Soup Spoon, Shell petrol kiosks, Country Clubs, Gyms & is available online at www.headhunt.com.sg.

    HeadHunt Media Kit Rates

    Item A - Executive Education Guide - Jan 2019
    - 1 x Full Page Advert
    - 1 x Half Page Summary
    - 1 x Shared EDM Blast
    Rate : $3,850

    Item B - Executive Education Guide - Aug 2019
    - 1 x Full Page Advert
    - 1 x Half Page Summary
    - 1 x Shared EDM Blast
    Rate : $3,850

    Item C - Postgraduate Masterclass Fair - Jan 2019
    - 1 x 1 Hour Masterclass Slot
    - 1 x Standard Booth
    Rate : $7,500 

    Item D - Postgraduate Fair - Sep 2019
    - 1 x 20 min information Session slot
    - 1 x Standard Booth
    - 4 x Coffee Chat Slots (20 mins each)
    Rate : $9,250
    Add on Item - Additional Table Rate - $5,500

    Item E - HeadHunt EDM Blast
    - 1 x HeadHunt Email Blast to HeadHunt Database
    Rate : $5,000

    Item F - Postgrad EDM Blast
    - 1 x Postgrad Email Blast
    Rate : $4,000

    Item G - The Masterclass Series - Oct/Nov 2019
    - 1 x Masterclass Series Package 
    Rate : $6,500

    For more information, please contact us at marketing@headhunt.com.sg

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